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Valentina Nedelcheva

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Valentina was born and brought up in Bulgaria. She studied in Kiev´s University of cultural Arts. In 2008 she has finished the unique Bulgarian school of untraditional art with well known Stefka Baldjieva.
There are different techniques in finger painting. All her work is done by her fingers with no brushes used, directly on the canvas without preliminary sketches or compositions on subconscious level.
Valentina expresses her inner world the harmony of colors, including them as elements of universal harmony. Created on the level of subconscious, these paintings radiate energy which flows into every one who sees them.
For Valentina painting is a purification, love and joy.

„People say that beautiful paintings are not drawn only by their hands, but that they are painted with their hearts and the special magic that everyone has in them“


Palm & Magic

my paintings

All that is seen in my paintings is the image of my thoughts and eyes, as I see the world

I’m Valentina Nedelcheva

Valentina Nedelcheva


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